terça-feira, 9 de março de 2010

"Hardly an Improvement..."

This is how I'm feeling today...
Hardly an improvement, I have to admit...

[I'll have to do something about it, too---and the sooner the better.
For starters I guess I'll lay low for a while, on a diet of words and thoughts.
And hopes, for thar mattter!
Mostly hopes.
And on a very strict one, too.
Who the hell cares anyway?!...
What the hell's the difference, anyway?
What the hell is the point of asking oneself over and over again the questions whose answers one has known all along??
How-ever could I ever have even dreamt that this stinking rotten swamp of plain stupidity and brain death we call 'nation' would pop out of a coma just by listening to a few words written on... virtually nothing and then hopefully shown on a screen?
The goddamn thing has been consistently numb for years, for crying out loud!!!
It has been amputated of its tiny, very debatable suspicion of a brain long, long ago by the goddamn church and the goddamn church-goers and the goddamn church promoters!!!
How could I have been so stupid as to believe even for a moment it could be otherwise, for God's sakes??!!
What the hell's got into me, for crying out loud??!!
I guess in no time at all I'll be talking politics with my shoes or going over the issue of the sense of life with my ears or my nose or even debating Marxian dialectics with my goddamn limp prick!!!
Boy! I must be losing it quickly, it's the only reasonable explanation!
Come to think of it it is the only consistent goddamn hope left, too!]

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