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"Soldier Blue"

"Soldier Blue": shadows of love and guilt...

Lyrics of "Soldier Blue" song as written and sung by Buffy St. Marie

I look out and I see a land
Young and lovely hard and strong
For 50,000 years we've danced her praises
Prayed our thanks and we've just begun
Yes, yes
This this is my country
Young and growing
free and flowing
sea to sea
Yes this is my country
Ripe and bearing miracles
in every pond and tree
Her spirit walks the high country
giving free wild samples
and setting an example how to give

Yes this is my country
Retching and turning
She's like a baby learning how to live.
I can stand upon a hill at dawn
look all around me
Feel her surround me
Soldier Blue
Can't you see her life has just begun?
It's beating inside us
Telling us she's here to guide us.
Ooo Soldier Blue, Soldier Blue
Can't you see that there's another way to love her?

[SOLDIER BLUE, Buffy Sainte-Marie © Gypsy Boy Music-SOCAN
I wrote this song as the title theme for the movie "Soldier Blue" and it became a hit in Europe, Japan and Canada during the summer of 1971. But the movie disappeared from U.S. theatres real fast, so few Americans are familiar with it. As there's a difference between love and rape, the same differences exist in how one views their country. "Soldier Blue" is not about loving one's "nation state"; it's about loving the natural environment in which all nations are related as children of the Sacred. Chris Birkett plays guitar. ]



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miltond disse...

-Was that Candice Bergen's ass or was it an ass double?
If it was her's then I'd say Murphy Brown is smokin!
-Actually, I'm certain it was Candice Bergen.
This film was made in the summer of 1969 in San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico. My mom was a doctor and my family lived there for that year. I was 14 at the time.
My brother was an extra in the film - haven't seen it in a long time but at the beginning when she leans down and turns over a dead soldier, that was him. All totaled, he was killed 5 times in the film, both as an Indian and as a soldier, including being burned at stake once - sometimes he would wear the makeup home through the streets of San Miguel. He was 17 and thought that was so funny, but you can imagine what he looked like :-)
Anyway, she didn't use a stand-in, and she did all of her own riding.
The horses were from the Esquela Equestre, which at that time was a famous riding school (in San Miguel). I was supposed to be her rider for the film but at the last minute, she ended up doing it herself - she loved horses and owned a few of her own back home & became very serious about it when she visited the Escuela Equestre. Ok, yes, I was SO disappointed that I couldn't be her stand-in as a rider - oh well.
One of the gorgeous stallions was Thor - he was also in the film "The Guns of San Sebastian" just a year earlier, if anyone recognizes the horse!
She (Candice) was very kind and fun, rather normal, and joined all of the students at the Escuela Equestre for long rides at dawn across the desert before the heat of the day kicked in too badly. Yes, it was VERY hot there. And yes, this was smack-dab during the Vietnam War and Operation Intercept. The one thing she did do was this: Candice and Peter Strauss organized candlelit peace marches around the town square (jardine) and many people attended, but the local police didn't like Americans protesting, even peacefully, so it was soon stopped. The US media got hold of the story and soon journalists were interviewing us at the jardine as ex-pats, and they all wanted to know our opinions on the War.
She sure got everyone's attention. Candice was only 21, I believe, but was quite passionate about getting everyone out of VietNam. She was just a joy and pleasure to be around and everyone loved her. At the time, I didn't know her work and didn't care - now, I look back fondly. Sorry for the length of this - it was an exciting time and everyone involved was proud to make the film; I remember that summer well. I often wonder what her memories are today, of 1969 San Miguel de Allende and Soldier Blue.