segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2009

"Curtíssimo Léxico Beckettiano (a propósito de «Happy Days»)"

"to give/to have the willies: to feel fearful, anxious, nervous".
"Willie wellie: a condom".
"Willy or willie: applied locally to several animls, v.g. the guillemot (Oxford Universal Dictionary). Wily-nilly: regardless of one's will or desire. Also:undecided, shilly-shally".

"to wean: to turn away from something long desired or followed".
"To reconcile by degrees with the absence or privation of something".
"to ween: to think, to surmise, to suppose, to consider, to conceive, to believe".
In regard to what is future or contingent".
"to ween: to imagine, to suppose".
"weeny: exceptionally small".

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